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“Since it opened, it’s been a sensation”

“Whatever makes it work, the restaurant and bar is a party, hopping every night with “vacationers,” as they call them, wrapping chunks of pork in lettuce and taking photos with their drinks.”

Brooke Jackson-Glidden - Eater

“Thai Barbecue That Somehow Surpasses the Hype”

Christine Dong

Christine Dong

“Ninsom and Vicedomini easily could have charted a course for excellence on their own, but the addition of Nelson behind the bar completes a coalition that approaches otherworldly territory.”

Pete cottell - Willamette Week

“2019’s Most Anticipated American Restaurant Openings”

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“Climate Change: Tropical Tastes at Three New Bars”

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

Expecting you to come thirsty and with thirsty companions, Eem serves certain cocktails in double-sized two-straw situations. Of these, the Abracadabra is a favorite: funky Jamaican rum, smoky scotch whisky, some pineapple, tamarind, and even a little coffee makes for a complex, spicy, bitter, sour, and sweet cocktail that can stand up to any dish on the menu

Thomas ross - Portland Mercury

“Sweet Baby Jesus”

Words by Andrea Damewood

“"but even better (by a hair) is the white curry with brisket burnt-ends ($16), the caramelized meat bites luxuriating in a coconut and lemongrass bath so flavorful that I gasped before spooning more from a communal plate into my mouth. The curries are instant classics. Always order a curry. Try to share.

Aaron Lee

Plates arrive at a prodigious pace from a friendly staff, so order what sounds good, and keep adding as you see fit.”

Andrea Damewood - Portland Mercury

 “The Ultimate Visitor’s Guide to Portland”

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“Eem will likely become a Portland staple for tender pork steak served with tangy-spicy nahm prik noom and its two knockout brisket curries. Pro tip: the chopped barbecue fried rice makes for one killer midnight snack.”

Brooke Jackson-Glidden -Eater

“Portland’s incredible Southeast Asian Restaurant scene”

This North Williams hotspot is something of a Portland food scene supergroup

The result of their combined efforts is a menu of outstanding curries — brisket burnt ends in white curry, smoked lamb shoulder massaman curry — inspired barbecue dishes like pork steak with Northern Thai chili dip, and Chopped BBQ Fried Rice

Nick Woo @feastmeatswest - Eater

Eem, new Thai barbecue restaurant from Portland supergroup

Christine Dong

Christine Dong

“Eem, the Thai word for satiated, looks like a winner, with Vicedomini’s superlative smoked meats subbing smartly into traditional Thai dishes from Ninsom and other Langbaan vets (including curry expert Rassamee Ruaysuntia). Adding to the All Star cast”

Michael Russell -The Oregonian

PDX Monthly 2019 city guide

PDX Monthly 2019 city guide

“Welcome to Spring, Food Lovers!”

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Portland proper — not the hipster caricature that’s come to stand in for it — is still one of the most important food cities in America, if you know where to look.

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